Arlo questions

(1) I’ve had the wireless Arlo 4 camera system (not pro) about a year now and the batteries were lasting around 5 months I think. Couple weeks ago I noticed all cameras were offline and discovered the batteries all died and seemed like hub had lost them (had to re-sync all 4 to get them recognized). A couple cameras had recently had fresh batteries put in too. So I ordered new energizer batteries and put in one of the cameras, it died quickly too (couple weeks?). I emailed their support and they suggested putting all new batteries in again and I have done that over past weekend. Anyone else have a major battery drain issue like this in last few weeks?

(2) I have experimented with different modes / setup over past year. I recently set up a CoRE rule to text me if any Arlo’s detect motion because I wasn’t getting any motion recordings when I had expected some. None have been triggering, all the cameras have been left “on”, but not set to record in Arlo app (which is in SmartThings mode). Does each camera have to have a rule in the SmartThings mode for integration to work? I currently have no rules in the Arlo’s SmartThings mode (seems like there were right after integration).

When I put the new batteries in, I tried the Arlo setup motion sensitivity and saw the orange LED when I moved… and I got the CoRE text that the Arlo detected motion. After leaving the Arlo settings screen however, no more CoRE motion messages :frowning:

(3) In some ways I really like Arlo, but in others I kinda wish I had gone with a 24/7 DVR of some sort. What is a good setup to go with SmartThings? Originally I had Arlo just record on motion itself. Then experimented after the ST integration. I was getting too many false motion recordings, so I changed setup to only record if my ST door and indoor motion sensors triggered (based on away/home modes). But that is kinda pointless since my Arlos are all outside… they would be recording after intruder was already in house!

There are so many 24/7 DVR multi-camera outdoor systems I could never narrow down which were good or bad. Any better than the others? Any integrate with SmartThings (I know some have output relays for alarm system which could use a contact sensor for ST)?


Okay, so it looks like I had to add rules back for each of my cameras and now they each seem to detect motion in SmartThings. Next problems…
(1) the rules all had readable names when I created them “arlo front door motion” or something like that. One of them has changed to string of random letters, but other 3 did not. What the heck?!?!?
(2) the rule with random letters keeps changing the notification from email to push which I don’t want. Change it to email yesterday and today I (and wife) are getting motion alerts :rage:
(3) now getting tons of motion so try to adjust sensitivity down to 10 (in ST app Arlo DH) but something keeps putting it back to 80 :angry: In arlo app camera settings it shows 20. Which am I supposed to use if Arlo is in SmartThings mode???

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I have the same problems.
Pls write the support team from smartthings.
They must fix the problem

I have one camera on one custom mode that changes when I leave the house. Notifications change, recording changes, and the camera name changes to some unrecognizable alpha numeric string.

I don’t have any location services setup on Arlo, but do have a Smarthings automation for when the house goes empty (no changes to Arlo, just lighting stuff).

I will keep playing around but it is a bit hard to test when I have to leave the house for 15 minutes to trigger the problem. I just really want Arlo to stay independent if I have not chosen the Smarthings mode.