Arlo Pro 2 integration. Set to record with open/close or motion sensor

So I feel like this gone be done… I have seen a couple topics on this… but I cant seem to get it to work. Here is my situation and maybe someone can help with automation or using smartapps to accomplish my goal.

I have Guardline driveway sensor that is connected an Ecolink Door/Window Sensor (used with Smart Lighting to turn on porch lights at night).

What I would like to do is add to this by also start recording with Arlo Pro 2 because my driveway is long and my Ring Doorbell or Arlo currently dont pick up motion till a person is right up close to the device and basically misses capturing faces. The idea is too start recording while the person is far away driving up the driveway.

Thanks in advance for any type of help.

Have you tried to create a Custom Rule? Does your driveway sensor show up as a thing?
First thing first: The camera must be in the active state before it can start recording. This can be accomplished through Routines. I leave all of my cameras in the Armed Mode in Arlo and control which cameras I want to be active and under what conditions by using routines or scenes. For example: I created a new Routine called Waiting for Delivery that will activate the outdoor front cameras. I then set up a Custom Rule for each camera that when any of the cameras detect motion and the waiting for Delivery routine is set the other cameras will all start recording. I also placed motion sensors under the eaves of my house about 10 feet on either side of my front door. I also created Custom rules for each of these sensors that do the same thing and turn on an inside lamp in my living room.
These custom rules act like turning on the individual on/off camera sliders in Arlo except the routine and custom rules allow you to turn on these sliders for several cameras at once.
When the package has been delivered I set the Good Morning routine which deactivates all the cameras and the lamp.


Thanks… I think I got lost somewhere in the rules as I was never able to get Arlo to start recording. I however found a solution using IFTTT and it works perfectly… couldn’t be happier. My Arlo’s for some reason don’t do a good job detecting things… but this makes them really useful now.

Thank your for your response.

Do you have your Arlo’s running on battery or plugged in. If you plug them in you get the 3 second lookback for when motion is detected. Also make sure you turn of the motion sensitivity.