Arlo Pro 2 announced

Man, nowadays you have to take the wait and see approach, otherwise you get burned by this type of stuff…

So this one is pretty much identical to the current Arlo Pro if you go wireless (except it’s 1080p), but if you plug it in you get extra stuff like 24/7 recording like Nest does (although I assume that will require a plan like Nest). There’s also an additional buffer so that you don’t miss events, which has always been an issue with these cameras.

It should be available now for $219, but I guess the good thing is that it should bring down the price of the current generation of Arlo Pro cameras, so you can get a better deal if you’re ok without the extra features.

3 second lookback is “Available when plugged in and used indoors” - which makes it sound like they haven’t really fixed the delays in motion sensing on the v1 Pros. Instead, they just record to a buffer all the time and pull from that buffer when motion is detected. Kind of useless if you use them wireless (which is one of the main selling points/use cases for Pros, isn’t it?)

1080p seems to be the only real advantage over the v1 Pros for anyone who uses Arlos wireless. Even if the advanced features happen to work while you’ve got a v2 plugged into the solar charger you’ll lose that capability on a cloudy day or once the sun goes down.

As you said, maybe the best hidden benefit here is a drop in cost for the v1 Pros!

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Also has 3 “activity zones” using video processing software for motion detection in user highlighted areas of the camera’s view, or use the PIR sensor. Activity zones only works when plugged in.

2 camera system $480 :astonished:

The “system” cost is pretty much in line with the rest of the offerings out there, particularly for 1080p cameras. And if you already have an Arlo setup, you can get the additional cameras separately… even though that’s still pricey.

The problem I have is with the “pay for features” bit though… a Nest Aware subscription is $10 a month or $100 a year for the first camera, and $5 / $50 per additional camera. And that gets you a reasonable (?) 10 day video history, unless you want to spring for additional time.

If Arlo follows along the same route, setting up activity zones on a 4 camera system would cost you an additional $25 a month or $250 a year.

From what I have just read (could have missed something), you don’t have to pay for activity zones feature. You have to pay to get 24/7 cloud recording; didn’t notice if you can do 24/7 USB recording.

Well I guess we would have to research it, but the way that Nest works – and my guess is the way this would work too – is by streaming your camera feed to their side and processing activity in the zones.

Their plans don’t list the Arlo Pro 2 yet, but that might just be because the camera was just released. Either way, their continuous recording “CVR” feature is $10 a month / $100 a year per camera, and you get a 50% discount if you buy multiple, so it’s basically the same thing… $10 / $100 for the first camera, $5 / $50 for each additional one.

Hi everyone!

Support for Arlo Pro 2 Cameras was released today.


Not true. Netgear is claiming the Pro 2 is NOT compatible with SmartThings. I would not buy this until this is resolved. The integration does not work.

Has there been any update to this AP2 integration issues? I just ordered a 8 cameras for our new home, and already have a full Smartthings integration planned for the home. I dont want to have to send the 8 AP2’s back, because honestly its the best option out there for my needs, but I really need a solid ST integration for it to be worth while.