Arlo issue


I tried to add my arlo pro2 in smarthings and it worked but when I use the home monitor or make automations to trigger the alarm based on movement detection for example, nothing happen…

And I don’t understand the options that can be switch on “actualiser” refresh I guess in English (I have French version of the app) and “enregistrer” record I guess available on arlo camera automation options.

Not sure what i am missing here.

Thanks for your help.

On my Arlo Pro 2’s, the Arlo cameras have to be On, and they also have to be set to an Arlo Armed Mode in the Arlo app with the Detects motion and/or Detects sound enabled or SmartThings doesn’t get anything to trigger with. However, I haven’t tested the Arlo Schema Integration in a while, but Sound detection started working about a month ago.

Thanks à lot it’s working as you said.