Arlo - help please

HI I have 4 arlo cameras and I have recently discovered smartthings !!! I have been able to successfully integrate the cameras into smartthings. I have created a scene to record from each camera and then an automation to run the scene hourly, so that I can check the cameras are working with out having to manually check each one. So far so good.

My issue is with the Arlo library and I have posted in their forum as well but wanted to try here to incase its related to my Smartthings set up.

  1. the Arlo notification badge is not being triggered by the arrival of my automated ST scene/automation recording, so I have no idea whether its worked without going in and checking (defeats the point). When I used IFTTT for the same idea it was able to trigger the notification badge.
  2. when I automated with IFTTT, the arlo library listed the recording as “IFTTT” rather than motion, vehicle, animal etc its standard labels. I found this useful. Any way to make ST do the same when it labels its recording in the arlo library.
  3. finally the “scene” works when its combined with an automation but when I just run the scene or press the widget for the scene - no result - any clues on why?

thanks for the help, SAM

PS not using IFTTT anymore as it had to be one applet per camera - tried to set ST’s up the same way to resolve the above, no joy. :slight_smile:

These both some like items Arlo would need to address. Once the command to record arrives to Arlo’s end, that’s the end of SmartThings involvement in the matter.

Off the top of my head I have no idea why this would be the case, as the Automation should also be executing the same Scene per your description. Where are you confirming the Scene (and its subsequent actions) has or has not ran?