Aren't Z wave dimmers suppose to act as repeaters?

I have 2 Linear WD-500Z dimmers in my bedroom along with a Linear Z wave appliance module. They all work as they should when I have the ST hub in the same room. When i try to move it to a different room (so that I can get Yale Zigbee door lock to work), only one of the dimmer work. The dimmers are about 6-8 feet from each other on the same wall. If one dimmer work with ST shouldn’t it act as a repeater for the other dimmer?

Do i need to enable the repeating function on ST somehow?

Make sure to run a Z-wave repair once you move items around. This will allow them to figure out the path they need to get back to the hub.

If you don’t run that repair, it will still think it’s in the same spot and try to send the signal on the same path it did before, which it may now be too far out of range for that.

Also… If they are z-wave dimmers, they won’t help your Zigbee door lock. Z-wave only repeats for Z-wave. Zigbee only repeats for zigbee. There are some devices that have both repeaters I think (I want to say the iris smart plug has both)


Thanks. How do I run a Z wave repair? Through ST or through the device itself?

I am not trying to get a Z wave device to repeat Zigbee. I am just trying to move the ST hub closer to the Zigbee lock (since it’s the only Zigbee device I have).

That depends on how many devices you have, how many mesh updates it needs to do. I’ve had it take over 30 minutes if I had a few new devices and it needed to do a lot of changes.

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