SmartThings multi out of range?

Hey guys,
I’m having trouble having my SmartThings multi communicate with the ST hub. The multi is placed on my garage door and the hub is well over 100’.
However…I have a GE smart dimmer right in the mud room (no more than 30’ away from the multi). In fact I have 3 smart dimmers within range of the multi.

According to GE the smart switches extend zwave up to 100’. Is my multi defective? Or is it not attempting to communicate through the GE switch?

I did an exclusion on the multi and tried to connect it from the garage door but it wouldn’t find it that far. What else can I try? (And of course the multi works perfectly fine when in range of the hub)

Thank you!

One of the advantages of SmartThings is that it supports multiple protocols, but that can make network placement a little confusing. :sunglasses:

The SmartThings-branded sensors use Zigbee, not Zwave. So you need a Zigbee repeater. A Zwave switch can only repeat for other Zwave devices.

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I knew that but didn’t know that :joy::joy::joy:. You are quite the celebrity around here! I assumed ST devices are z-wave. So all I need to do is replace one of the GE zwave dimmers with a GE zigbee dimmer, right?

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Probably, depending on exact placement. A Zigbee pocket socket is also a repeater. I like to use those to test placement because they’re easy to move around. Then when you find a good place you know where to put a switch.

Just remember that each time you physically relocate a device, you need to get all the devices to rebuild their neighbor tables. Otherwise the repeater might not get used.

For zigbee, it’s easy. Just unplug the hub (including taking out the batteries) and leave it off power for at least 15 minutes.

When the hub comes back on power, all the devices will start to rebuild our neighbor tables. This could take a while, so you might not see results until the next day.


Where do you get a Zigbee pocket socket?

The SmartThings branded outlet that comes in the starter kit is Zigbee. :sunglasses: So you might already have that one.

In the US, there are a couple of other options as well. Jasco makes one under the GE brand.

Centralite makes one that is rebranded for PEQ.

And Iris has a really interesting one that is a Zigbee pocket socket that also includes a Zwave radio and so can repeat for both protocols–and is actually one of the least expensive options. :sunglasses:

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(I’m sure I didn’t attach the link properly)

I think what JD means is anything that uses zigbee and plugs into an outlet. However I don’t see the purpose in doing this, it seems like a waste since I don’t have a use for it when I’m done finding a good location.
For me I have 10 3-way switches and 3 4-way switches throughout the house that I plan on connecting with ST so that’s 29 possible places to put the zigbee smart switch. I’ll just start in the middle between the hub and the farthest zigbee sensor and work from there.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, I do have one and won’t have a real use for it in the near future.

Any ideas as to what I can use it for in a bathroom, laundry room, pantry or garage? These are the areas I think I will need a zigbee repeater.

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“Pocket socket” is a UK term for a device that plugs into a wall outlet and has a place to plug in a regular corded device like a table lamp or small appliance. I like the term because it makes a clear distinction between a wired inwall outlet and a removable plug-in. :sunglasses:

I think people most commonly use them for corded lights, including LED strips. Other than that, it just depends on what you have that you want to be able to automate for on/off.

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OK I wasn’t sure if that is what you were refering to, I use the IRIS version which is dual repeater. Also a lot less money.

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