Are you ready for this?

(Bobby) #1

Should we start the countdown?

(Benji) #2

Well, no doubt about it, there’s going to be SmartThings news here!! Surprised then that they announced the V2 early and not at the show!

(Keith Croshaw) #3

My goodness that video really reminded me why I don’t like Samsung devices… I really hope iOS support never takes a back seat to those frankendevices…

(Amauri Viguera) #4

I wonder how much “new” stuff will be announced compared to just rehashing of recently released stuff though.

They have 3 new multi-room audio speakers to go with the already existing Radiant 360 R7 and others, the Echo integration and new ST Hub…

(Benji) #5

Even if there isn’t necessarily much more hardware (we’ve already officially been told about a lot of stuff as you mention), I have a feeling there is going to be a lot on the bigger picture of SmartThings+Samsung and how this is all going to pan out…

Perhaps we’ll see the new app as well but put it this way, they’ve been doing what most companies fail at doing miserably (trust me on this, I work for a hosting company) and that is… bulking up their servers ready for the influx of traffic that’s probably going to be generated by the announcement of lots of new things :wink:

(Fast, Good, Cheap...pick two.) #6

Frankendevice…lol! You’d fit right in with every one of my non-techie friends :smile:

“My phone is better than yours…nananaaaaa!”

I hope apples quest to overprice and underacheive doesn’t become Smartthings motto. When even your charge cord is as proprietary as your operating system…causing costs to go up for no good reason.

I think Samsung is on the right track for the average consumer and not those that wish to ego stroke over the semantics of a telephone.

(Benji) #7

Where Apple sacrifices functionality sometimes, they make up for it in having an extremely well finished and complete package.

I have zero Apple products myself but I have a healthy respect for them.

(Keith Croshaw) #8

Well when my software updates are released I can download them immediately… And honestly saying I’m “non-techie” is a tad ludicrous, there’s very little that a non-jailbroken iOS device can’t do, and for everything else there’s a jailbreak tweak for.

Enjoy your pengazi…

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #9

Like cameras that are permanently out of focus?? (Ref: a big batch of iPhone6). And “maps to nowhere” (Ref: original release of Apple Maps).

In other words, Apple makes plenty of mistakes too. Far from infallible. I don’t understand why they are so highly revered.

(Joe) #10

Well… I can tell you my one and only Android phone wasn’t notifying or showing me txt messages from time to time. My emails would just randomly stop notifying me, Phone calls wouldn’t ring my phone, and when the person left me a voicemail I wouldn’t get a notification for hours. Working in IT my phone is my connection to any pages and problems with our systems, so missing pages and calls, is really frowned upon. When I switched back to my iPhone, everything worked perfectly. Now the only time I miss something is if I have a service problem.

I’m willing to entertain that it was the HTC One X causing the problem not the android OS, but I am not willing to risk my Job because of another faulty phone.

(Bobby) #11

I couldn’t help it, but reading your post made me think of a person who says he hates Ford but drives a Lincoln because they are just as good as a Mercedes! ST looks more and more like one of those “frankendevices”…Look at the V2 edges

(Fast, Good, Cheap...pick two.) #12

No sir, I did not say YOU were non-techie. Thats not a tad ludicrous…that’s epic ludicrousness considering the nature of this forum and the collective intelligence of it’s members.

I said you reminded me of non-techie friends of mine. That was in no way meant to insinuate that you were as well. Reminding me of someone with something you say doesn’t mean you embody them as well.

As a whole (per my local experience) non-techie people buy apple and techie people buy open platform devices. That being said; generally, those non-techie people are the only people I ever hear make comments about something silly as a telephone.

Pengazi? :smile: ha! I get it!..yet another apple poster child stab? Funny guy.

I’ll settle for a cheap beer and my equally cheap S3 (pen free!) and stand by my useless over engineered point of view.

Sorry I ruffled your feathers as it wasn’t my intent.

(Ron) #13

What is loT ? Tried to google it but that returns a “lot” of stuff :slight_smile:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #14

I guess we’ve drifted far off topic…

Just wanted to say that I agree: For many of us, our “gadgets” (including parts of SmartThings!) are rather critical, and avoiding problems by going with a vendor you have positive experience with is completely understandable.

Apple is not perfect. But companies could do much worse than using Apple as a quality example to aim for.

This is why HomeKit (see other Topics) is getting “irrational” praise despite very little real world data and some known design concerns.

Would I switch to Apple if I needed higher reliability for my phone? No… But I’d probably run less junk on my customized Moto X. Reliable hardware… I’m the one that’s messed up the OS to get some features I find very useful and would very much miss on an iPhone.

(Dennis ) #15

Internet of things

Just a short way to say it

(Ron) #16

OH I knew that I just thought the first letter was an L as in loT not IoT wow they really look the same with this font.

(Keith Croshaw) #17

Lots Of Things, sounds about right. :yum:

(Ron) #18

That was my first guess but google said no :smile:

(Keith Croshaw) #19

I like SmartThings, and the hub looks like it will be nice, and hidden away never to see more than the inside of my entertainment center.

(Dennis ) #20

Friday should be an interesting day. wonder what will be shown will have to watch.