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DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG WIFI ENABLED APPLIANCES. NONE WORTK AS ADVERTISED FOR HOME AUTOMATION! I bought the newest FULL Samsung Home package. EVERY APPLIANCE HAS SMART CONTROL and BUILT IN WIFI is the biggest scam and gimmick I have ever seens. I will list why. If ANYONE KNOWS how to make this actually work the way a wifi controlled device should please let me know immediately. Thank you. HUGE PROBLEMS:

  1. Must turn the power on and press the smart control button
  2. If I have to stand there and press power and the. Smart control WHY DO I NEED ANY CONNECTIVITY?
  3. Even if Smart Control activated once the cycle ends you cannot restart IF needed.
  4. Why would someone need to restart the same clothes or dishes or dryer? for us. We have certain items that need washed 3 times for work. The point of buying it was so we could start the last two cycles while not being home. BUT THIS FESTURE DOES NOT WORK.
  5. The SAMSUNG promotion and official site states start, stop and control your appliances from anywhere. IN FACT THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE ADVERTISING. INOLAN TO SUE SAMSUNG because I spent over $12,000 for a connected home so we could do exactly as themSamsung Website ststes (start, stop and control appliances from anywhere.)
  6. So if safety or fire is the concern let me explain that too. We have the following connected devices RANGE, DISHWASHER, WASHER AND DRYER. Of these only one can TRULY be started without pressing anything and that is…the RANGE. Seriously? The item that can cause the most danger to another person or a home? So safety cannot be the defense by Samsung.
  7. Who cares about monitoring my clothes or dishes. I NEED AS ADVERTISED the ability to start, stop and control MY EXOENSIVE APPLIANCES.
  8. Samsung makes younise Amrhein server and not TRUE wifi. This server constantly disconnects and times out.

No for everyone who will say are you connected and using the correct app. Yes, of course. And I have contacted Samsung and their answer was “that is just how they are made”. My answer to that is "well you have 100% falsely promoted these appliances. AND THAT IS A MAJOR PROBLEM FOR ME because I could have spent $6,000 instead of $12,000 and gotten just as reliable appliances and maybe more so. The microwave has already been sent back twice.

Also, for those of you who think I am just complaining…if you do not believe me I am happy to provide you my phone number and I can verbally explain exactly and FaceTime you to show you THESE APPLIANCES DO NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED.

LAST, in my experience with blogs is, amoerson oosts ancomment stating anoroblem and asking for a TRUE SOLUTION. But instead of getting solutions you get a hundred people who say “I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM”. Well of course you do because I just listed thenoroblems and you are here looking for answers SO DO NOT RESPOND SAYING YIU HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. We all already know that. Offer a true SOLUTION and share step by step fix to the problem. Otherwise do not post. Further if you are one of those KIA’s (KNOW IT ALL) who like to come on here and show your knowledge and put others down and talk in your techie language over everyone’s head the. don’t bother. I’ll have the curator delete it your post. Blogs are for anproblem and the. A solution for common folk to help each other since SAMSUNG and none of these other billion dollar conglomerates are going to be honest or help us. All they care about is the mighty dollar. Anyone want to join a Class Action Suit please contact me. It’s time we are sold honest products or they provide the ability to actually do as the product says. Not in a year but RIGHT NOW!

Also, if Samsung Thinks they will take down the false promotion and false advertising it is too late. I
Archived their entire website and Screenshits and printouts to prove their product does. It do as advertise and we have all be duped who bought them.

Again serious helpful responses only please.


serious helpful responses only please.

Yeah - post it on an appliance site - plus proofread - plus AFAIK- Smartthings has nada involvement with this.


Wow, a lot going on there. Obviously you’re upset about the $$$ you invested in these products.

Did you read any reviews of the products online to confirm how they work in the real world before making such an expensive purchase?

Also, when you’re brand new to an online community of fellow consumers (This isn’t an official Samsung support forum), you might consider not preemptively lecturing people about how they should or should not respond to your post.

Good luck with your new appliances.


If your spelling and typing skills are any indication, I can see why you are having problems!

Your opinion means nothing. Still crap product with false advertising and gimmicks.

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Here’s the problem for Samsung and SmartThings: The general buying public is completely unaware (and could not care less) about the disconnect between Samsung’s connected appliances and the SmartThings platform. This angry consumer did not create his issues. Samsung’s marketing and engineering departments created this mess. So long as Samsung continues to promise magic unicorn ejaculate embedded into its products and then follows up with allowing engineering to complete about 25% of the needed backbone, these problems and complaints will persist.

Lob insults at the OP all you want, but ultimately Samsung holds the bag for this.


This is absolutely correct. And for those who think I didn’t review find out first? Go to SAMSUNGS website and read it before commenting. Go to SAMSUNGS own people at CES 2017 and watch them talk about it at CES and tell me they do not misrepresent the product. Not to mention this is all suppose to work via the Smart HOME app not NUST the Smart Things Hub. I am a techie and this is $12,000 wasted that the store ALSO misrepresent BUT in their defense they say what Samsung tells them their product will do. So I do not blame them. 100% of this lies with Samsung.

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OK, here’s a solution for next time at least.

Don’t believe everything you read in marketing materials, and do your homework before you spend $12K on re-doing your kitchen.

And seriously, if you come to a new online community with an attitude of respect and humility for all the users that you’ve never even interacted with yet–instead of a bunch of angry demands–you might find more people chiming in with solutions that you consider to be useful.



I see this
Smart Control App requires wireless network and is available on iPhone and Android.

So what does this have to do with SmartThings ,other than being a Samsung Product.

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And also is suppose to work with Smart Things and DOES NOT. Don’t worry I posted on all Samsung sites and Facebook and other sites.

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I prefer to think of myself as a delicate flower.

You, of course, can say/do whatever you want. But perhaps that sound of crickets in this topic that you’re hearing otherwise? There might be a reason for that, imo.


If you’re here using GitHub, writing device handlers, and troubleshooting dropped nodes and coding issues, you’re not “the average consumer”. Look objectively at the issue and try to put yourself in the average consumer’s shoes. If you’re expecting the average consumer to dig into products at the developer level, as is done in this forum, I believe you have a seriously skewed view of how these products are marketed and purchased. This development community is a very small segment of the buying public and it does not accurately reflect the demographic of these devices as marketed. Samsung isn’t advertising these devices and appliances in Make Magazine. They are marketing them on general TV, internet ads, and box store shelves - 100% squarely targeted at Joe Bob Average Consumer, who has about a .05% understanding of IOT issues and compatibility.

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I am not n average consumer lol. I am very intelligent and research everything. WATCH SAMSUNGS OWN VIDEOS AT CES! 2017 are you all (thise who don’t) really understanding that is completenfalse representation?
Much more clear can I be? THIS IS NOT THE CASE. ONCE AGAIN WHETHER USING THE APP OR SMART THINGS…here are the steps:


So…if I have already pressed start what is the need to PRESS SMART CONTROL? I have already started the cycle. It really is not hard to comprehend. This is NOT HOW IT IS ADVERTISED BY SAMSUNG!

The dishwasher, and washer and dryer should be just like the stove and powerbot…SMART CONTROL IS ALWAYS ON. So the most dangerous appliance there is a range can be control from work when I am not home yet no other appliance can be made and represented the same way! Serious a bs gimmick and falsely represented.


Really really sad there is no recourse!

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Not skewed at all. Lol when it says start, stop, control and monitor from anywhere. It should mean exactly that. WOW and I am skewed. I don’t think so!

Perhaps calm down and take the time to understand what I wrote. You are the pretty much the poster child for disgruntled general public with an IOT issue. That isn’t really your fault since, as you’ve noted, you were led to believe these items would do certain things via the parent company’s marketing machine.

Now if you think you are going to convince what is essentially an IOT development community here by telling them you’re not the “average consumer”, you failed with your initial rant. This is a pretty clear example of two different worlds colliding and you haven’t figured out which planet you’re on yet.


I know exactly which planet I am on. I don’t care who reads it or how they view me. Bottom line is what I have said!

Customers read this too and I don’t care about convincing everyone but them. And I am sure after reading all mine customers will not purchase if they read it. Thatnis all I care about right now.

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You’re posting on a SmartThings forum. While ST is technically owned by Samsung, it has jack zero zilch to do with Samsung’s wifi home appliances. True, some marketing materials could easily lead you to that conclusion, but yelling in a room of what is essentially a bunch of zwave and zigbee geeks and code slingers isn’t going to do a very good job of spreading your opinion.

You’ll have a lot better luck yelling on facebook, as the community here won’t have much patience for you. Most of the people in this community are living in a different world of IOT than you are. If you don’t understand what this forum is for, then that might be a good indicator that you’re in the wrong place. Box store review sections and social media might be a better place for your anger, as few here are likely to care.


I tend to agree with Brian on the marketing of Samsung products. Samsung is a mess, as proven by many things over the past couple years, and I almost hope they spin off ST to a more stable, caring group.

HOWEVER. Brian’s rant-spew style, where he doesn’t even bother to check the readability of his writing, is very off-putting. And his stream of insults at those who are replying to him makes him even more off-putting.

That said… Brian, you did NOT do your research. If you had, you’d have not invested so heavily in Samsung’s product line. I agree with you that Samsung are turning out to be crvp product, and their marketing is deceptive at best and that they should be held accountable for all that… but you did not do your research.


He certainly has a point, since there is a slew of refrigerators, washers, dryers, robot vacuums, etc listed as compatible products on the ST website when sorted by brand for “samsung”, but as pretty much everybody here already knows that doesn’t mean anything when the rubber hits the road in SmartThings world.

Sounds like fake news to me.

Back in your box Brian/Donald. :joy: