Are there one or two types of Sonoff Basic?


I got in gearbest TWO link of sonoff. I want to buy some sonoff to connect them with ST by IFTTT.
Because I failed to flashing 2 sonoff basic devices.



So, are there any different or they are same and all are support IFTTT??


No they’re the same one i believe people struggle flashing them if they’re newer so use NodeMcu instead to do the flash.

thanks @Steveuk23

I asked because the box of them is different. one of them like this

other one like this

about flashing :: I used FTDI …

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I bought this one

And I’m worried that it does not work with IFTTT. Because I want connect it with Smartthings HUB :grin:

Yeah they’ve re branded the boxes I did notice that but the device is the same.
If you leave it as it is without flashing it I don’t think it will work with ifttt but when it’s flashed it will as it’s through SmartThings then.

Now eWelink App is compatibility IFTTT

check this link at (7:56) :::

and itead site:

about flishing I will try to buy nodemcu

Ah right thats good about IFTTT.
No i meant NodeMcu flasher.
thats the software you use to flash the firmware onto the sonoff instead of the ESPeasy

Can I flash that previous sonoff devices again??

I tried it with previous Sonoff device but flashing not work by this flasher.

Yeah you can flash them as many times as you want are you following the guide on the community and using the right firmware.
Have a look on there it has all the settings you need

good …

I follow the steps in readme file which that link you are send.(What is mean “GPIO0 MUST LOW.”)

if you have a guide file or video will be better.

I used the firmware which in this link:

Try following this guide

I tried it and flashing completed but I cannot get the wifi of sonoff!!!

Hi @Steveuk23
I mean, I cannot detact sonof wifi

Did you follow that guide ?
Did the flash go ok?
If so power on the Sonoff and then hold the button for 20 seconds then the LEDs should flash.
Turn the power off then back on again and the WiFi should show up then.

I follow that guide and that flashing is complete success as shown.
Also I power on the sonoff and then I hold the button, but the LED not flashing. :sob:

Do you have the wires going in the right way?
One side is input one side is output.
Also when looking for Wi-Fi search for only 2.4ghz not 5

@Steveuk23 The wires going right in input side
There is no any new wifi is shown

Thank you for your help @Steveuk23

Not sure what else you can try if you say it flashed correctly and it’s wired correctly and you’ve tried resetting it.