Are there any LCD/LED display that works with ST/IFTTT?

I am looking for a LED/LCD display which will primarily act like a clock but will also display weather/temperature or other stuff from ST (via sensors in home) or via IFTTT.

I think I found something that does all this -
But I think its too expensive for what it does, anything cheaper is available?

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Cheap tablet and SmartTiles…


SmartTiles is deprecated, ActionTiles is the successor project.

BTW, I have a Lametric Time, it’s great display and notification device. I am running a rotation containing time, date, day of week, weather, Netatmo data, sunrise and sunset times, upcoming birthdays and news headlines. It is also configured to display a nice good night and good morning message when entering or leaving SmartThings night mode ;-).


At this point I dont think there is anything that can beat Lametric,

I also have a La Metric and I would not recommend buying one at the current price.

I bought a Quirky Nimbus a while ago hoping it would do similar to the Lametric. Decent for what it is but i the messages don’t auto scroll which sucks. I mainly use it with IFTT for short messages.

I love the idea of this thread and had not heard of LaMetric, looks awesome and I was all set to throw down some cashola. Then I saw how much it costs ieeee, I’ll have to wait for V2 I guess.

I thought about trying to make something like an LCD/LED display before using some R Pi stuff but never went through with it as I’ve already got like 12 to 15 open projects right now.