A simple way to display data?

I’m slowly switching from Wink to Smartthings. So far, I like ST much better. However, one thing that I really miss is the ability to see sensor data in one place on the phone app. I have a few devices that have temperature sensors (such as motion sensors). I’d like to be able to see that info on a single screen. I’ve seen where the Dashboard in the ST app used to be able to show sensor data but it was taken out with version 2. From the posts, it looks like that was a temporary change but that’s been a while back so I guess it was permanent?

I’ve also looked for simple physical display devices such as something like the Quirky Nimbus (which was far from a perfect product).
I’ve seen the wall mounted tablet displays but I’m looking for something a little simpler than that. Any ideas?


You can run SmartTiles.click on your phone, too. It doesn’t have to run on a tablet.

It can be set up as a shortcut on your home screen so it just opens a page, or it can be run from within the ST app.

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Describe what would be the “perfect fit” for you for this functionality, please? Is it a matter of specialized hardware or can you think of some existing hardware that could be repurposed for this?

Nimbus apparently failed horribly. 2-Star “CNET Editor’s” rating.

I wish someone would come out with an alternative to the Nimbus. I think there would be some cool (and geeky) uses for a display like that.

I’m sure it could be done down and dirty with an LCD screen and a Pi but the Nimbus gets points for style.

Anyone want to take on a project?

Like this for example:


I’d love a project … if it has a high probability of profitable success in the market.

Nimbus was successfully crowd funded (or was it Quirky originally?) … and failed.

I’m not a gambler: I’m guessing that the challenge isn’t technical. – there’s no market demand.

S[quote=“tgauchat, post:6, topic:41567”]
I’m guessing that the challenge isn’t technical. – there’s no market demand.

Yeah I agree. I bet there’d be demand for a smart mirror though!

What size? What price? What specific features?

Saying there’s “demand” is easy; the devil is in the details.
Mirrors with basic 2-way functionality already exist (ie., an LED or TV display behind a semi-reflective mirror).

Expanding this basic concept is trivial. Making it into a viable product is extremely difficult.

You could use a cheap tablet together with the Numerous connector/app. I used that to monitor 6 temperature sensors when the HVAC guys balanced a heating system in my house and I wanted to make sure it works equally in all rooms.

Maybe there is a way to use the data from the Initial State Event Streamer app but I have not much experience with it.

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Numerous is sadly going away.


Whaaaat! That’s terrible… This the best ever apple watch complication: bitcoin price, miles from home… Not sure what my life will be like without it!


My point was far too easily proven, I’m afraid…

Development is easy. Revenue is extremely hard.

Despite our best efforts, we’ve been unable to find a source of funding that will allow us to continue to operate Numerous. The service will be shutting down on May 1.

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