Are there any HomeKit light switches that also work with SmartThings?

Are there any HomeKit light switches that work with HomeKit without another hub required? I’d like to find one that works with SmartThings so I can compare the two solutions separately. I’d like to just reassign the device to the platform that wins my testing battle.

Unfortunately, not directly. There is a pocket socket from iHome that plugs-in that works with both. No extra bridge needed for that.

Lutron Caseta: indirect integration only with SmartThings, does require a separate bridge

Lutron light switches work very well with HomeKit, but do require their own SmartBridge. (if you get one, I recommend the smart bridge pro 2 because it allows for many more integrations then the slightly less expensive smart bridge. In either case make sure you get the newest model which is HomeKit compatible.)

You will get some indirect integration with SmartThings because both smart things and Lutron have an IFTTT channel. This works well for turning lights off at night, or turning lights on on a schedule. Where things fall down is if you want a smartthings controlled motion sensor to activate a Lutron switch, as you may see significant lag.

Philips Hue Bridge with smart bulbs works with both

And of course the Phillips hue bridge works directly with both, but obviously that needs the bridge.

But for head-to-head comparison without an additional bridge, I think the only thing available right now is the iHome pocket socket.

The iHome pocket socket, Philips Hue Bridge, and the Lutron Caseta light switch can all work with both HomeKit and Alexa at the same time, if that matters. We use echo for most voice control, but HomeKit for schedules and Geopresence and Voice control from the watch.


Thanks for the info. I was hoping there was a Bluetooth switch that would work and then remembered that SmartThings doesn’t support Bluetooth.
Most of my automation is pretty basic and I’ve been impressed with the HomeKit hue combo I currently have.

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