Are there any battery powered wireless cameras that work with Smartthings?

Hi guys, I’ve been wanting to hook up some cameras to my SmartThings 2.0 hub… Today I saw something at Best Buy called Arlo, by Netgear. Looks like its all wireless! Are there any wireless cameras that work with our systems? Any info would be much appreciated!!

There are lots of discussions about all sorts of different cameras. Some work, like Samsung’s, some require custom device types. I suggest doing a search:

And more specifically Arlo:

I don’t think Samsung makes a 100% wireless camera. (Batter powered) Do you know a model number?

I understand now, apologies for that. It would be nice to see the Arlo’s work some day.

Ya, honestly I only need a couple things…one, the ability to control lights. And 2, some 100% wireless cameras. I’m wondering if Iris or any other systems have what I’m looking for. I’m not seeing any battery powered cameras available right now.

I doubt you’re going to see any battery powered cameras worth getting any time soon.

There are some out there, but while they tout “6 month battery life” the fine print says clearly that that’s based on recording 5 minutes of video a day.

Even if those stats are true, you’re talking about 15 hours worth of battery life, which can be a single day if you want to monitor a high traffic area.

You can always use IP webcam software on a low end, low draw cheap-o phone hooked up to an external battery. Some of these power bricks out there offer 30000mAh worth of juice, which might be enough for a few days worth of usage, or you can try a solar charger or something of the sort.

Many of us are waiting for “Blink” battery operated camera:

But regardless, they don’t have SmartThings integration scheduled yet.

Thanks guys! Appreciate it

I don’t see this happening as wifi is the issue. it takes lots of power to stay on a wifi network (zwave maybe)

What about Homeboy?


Priced better than anything out there. I have tried so many, swan 1080Ps, NightOwl, DLink, they all suk compared to these. Recently one of our retail locations was robbed, 1080p cameras with night vision, could not make out the perpetrator. The difference between traditional cameras (all over priced) is the blink cameras at night flash, like the camera on your phone. As clear as a picture you take on your phone at night with a flash. And you can not beat there price. Did I say they are totally wireless and operate with two double-a batteries, lasts TWO years. Check them out at the site above.