Are ethernet or wifi door switches available that work with ST?

I have searched the community but can’t seem to find what I am looking for.

I have the ST Home monitoring kit installed in my home and really like it. However I would also like to install a single door sensor on my detached pole building. My problem is that the pole building is too far away for the Z-wave switches to work. I have a WIFI repeater in the barn and it works great for providing network service from my main router to the barn. I can connect a computer to the repeater and see devices connected to the main router. I was wondering if there is a door sensor that can connect to the ST hub through WIFI or Ethernet. I don’t care if it is battery powered. A plug in switch would be fine for this.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m confused about what you mean by a “door switch.” Can you be more specific? Are you talking about a contact sensor, a door lock, an electric strike, a plug in pocket socket, an automated door opener, or ?

Can you give a specific example of a similar device, maybe that uses Z wave or Zigbee?

There are a number of Wi-Fi devices that can be integrated with smartthings, but it depends on exactly what you are looking for.

In general, any device which has an IFTTT Service/channel, or any device which can send an email or a text (which could then be sent to IFTTT) can get some integration with SmartThings that way. There are a number of Wi-Fi devices which fit this option.

Meanwhile, you might also want to take a look at the how to article in the community – create a wiki on automating an outbuilding. It might give you some additional ideas.

I mean a switch sensor or whatever you want to call it that senses when the door is opened. I am talking about a standard hinged door, not an overhead or slider.

Thanks–most Home automation manufacturers call those “contact sensors” if they are based on a two piece device with a magnet in one piece and a reed sensor on the other. Some call them “door/window” sensors.

These aren’t WiFi, but the Cao Gadgets Kumo Wireless tags have a contact sensor (they call theirs a “reed sensor”) with excellent range and two ways of integrating with SmartThings. The sensor itself is $39. You will also need the $39 Ethernet bridge (one bridge for each 40 sensors).

They have their own IFTTT channel, so you can get integration that way, or there is a community created cloud to cloud integration.

Manufacturer site:

IFTTT channel:

SmartThings integration:

Other options

You can build your own WiFi sensor for about $10 and connect it through IFTTT

Monnit has a WiFi door sensor for about $60, but to get integration you have to also buy their professional monitoring option so that you can send an email to IFT TT. A couple of years ago, that was a good option, but now I think you’re better off with either the wireless tag or even building your own.

DLink had a nice WiFi motion sensor with an ifttt channel, but no contact sensor.

I am a tinkerer and that solution looks good. Always keen to learn new things. Thanks a bunch.

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