ST Door sensor to replace existing wired alarm door sensor

I currently have a wired home alarm system with magnetic door sensors, i would like to replace these with a ST door sensor so i can maintain the current alarm system plus integrate report to ST.

I am no expert at this so am seeking advice, i have seen various door sensors with terminal but believe these input terminals to allow connection of another switch, i believe i need and output to send a signal to my existing alarm system.

I want to minimise clutter on the door hence seeking a device that will serve both purposes, if it exists.

I am in the UK, so any suggestions will need to suit.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Not sure what kind of alarm system you have. But I have a DSC system and I monitor the keybus with a esp8266. Here is a link using a ardunio

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Thanks for the prompt response, however its a bit over my head.:slightly_smiling_face:

If I wasn’t currently converting my wired system over to SmartThings I would have ended up with these:

Not sure if they have a UK compatible set but they blend in pretty good. Otherwise just a standard door/window contact sensor would work.

@siddys I’ve developed a product that does exactly this:

There’s a LONG thread about it here:

I’ve shipped dozens of kits to the UK and have received great feedback from UK customers who have all successfully gotten it to work.