Are all ecolink sensors created equally?

I saw on the “supported” page that ecolink sensors are supported, does that go for all models? I’m looking at a ecolink wst 212. Can anyone tell me if this would be compatible?

Actually, the “works with ST” page says exactly which ecolink devices are compatible.

Are you sure that device you mention uses z-wave or zigbee? There are many devices that aren’t on the official compatibility list from various manufacturers that function with ST thanks to this community of developers. But if the device doesn’t use one of those two wireless protocols it won’t work.

I’m not, hadn’t heard from the seller and just started doing research ( all new to me ). Doesn’t look like it is, so on a side note just follow the what works page to a t then.

That’s one option. That should ensure compatibility generally speaking, if you’re unable or unwilling to research specific devices ahead of time. Plus you don’t have to deal with custom code installation, which is often necessary to get unofficial devices to work. And lastly, ST will help you troubleshoot issues with your devices only if they’re on the official compatibility list.

Keep in mind there are many devices that community members here use all the time (myself included) that aren’t on the official list, because that opens up many options you don’t have access to if you limit yourself to officially support devices. But the trade off is more tinkering may be required to get them working.