Cheap 3rd party zwave sensors?

Im new to ST, Im trying to decide on buying the ST kit before it goes off sale. Does any one know if 3rd party zwave or open z wave sensors such as from adafruit will work ? Like the sensors for SBC (raspberry pi, pine 64, etc) if not how hard would it be to bridge them or get them communicating with the ST hub?

You will have to be specific as to the exact device. For those with support you can usually find them by searching the forums.

Some 3rd party devices will work with the default device handlers.

Others will require custom handlers written by the community.

You can find an extensive list of those officially supported by ST here:

But don’t stop there if your device is not listed, again search the forums and see if there is community support for it.

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Any certified Z wave sensor should work with SmartThings as far as the “basic” (that’s a Z wave term in this context) features. That usually means it reports its primary value, such as open/close.

If it has additional features like temperature reporting, battery reporting, or has multiple sensors such as a combination temperature/lux/humidity device then it may need a custom device type handler in order to expose all the data. Or as @jh1 mentioned, it may work with one of the existing device type handlers.

You can find a list of the current community – created DTH’s in the community’s wiki:

But if it’s a specific model that happens to work with one of the other DTH’s, then you just have to search the forums to find discussion of it.