Arduino thing

Much as I avoid heading down any path that requires me to actually write code, some things are inevitable (and until someone <ST>; solves the button push issue), there is a need for actually having to build some things on your own. As I have my 1st cup of coffee this dreary morning I came across this in an email from someone so for your enjoyment I give you what is claimed to be the smallest for, factor yet:

Have fun with it.

Nice find and thanks for the reference.

Actually, I happen to be using a Arduino Uno and ST Shield and would love to have smaller options since I’m having to mount everything in a larger box to hold the Uno, ST Shield, Relay Shield and Power Supply. The relay Shield would have a hard time getting much smaller since the Relays are so large, but I can see smaller options with the ST Shield using something like the BareDuino Nano as an option. Sorli…