Itsy bitzy duino

Now that’s small!

That a one of the ST Thing Modules and now we’re talking.
COol :sunglasses:

Looks like they have some comparable stackable shields too. One looks like Ethernet and one like wifi.

Alex (ST CEO),

All I want for Xmas is a mini-duino thingshield. I promise I’ve been a good boy and have very rarely taken the #IoT in vain.


I’ve been bad, very bad. I’ve sinned and done unspeakable things I’m truly ashamed of.
I would however like a mini-duino thingshield. I believe it will help put me on the right track for redemption and prevent me from sinning yet again. I think its a moral obligation on ST’s part to help a fellow human being and get me back on the path of righteousness and morality. I’ll still drink beer and chase women but at least I can automate my kegerator.

@solardave1 Best post of the week. Nicely done.

@wackware I’m not saying no.