Possible Arduino sleep w/ ST shield?

(Michael Sammon) #1

i have been reading extensively about how to make an arduino uno sleep to preserve battery life. Most pages i visit are saying to connect a resistor from RX to pin 2. But is rx reserved for ST shield? im quite a beginner here and somewhat losing my mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Battery-Operated Zigbee or Zwave Relay
(Michael Sammon) #2

will this work with the st shield?

(Gilbert Chan) #3

Try looking into SparkCore. They’re made to be connected to the web and supposedly run with relatively low energy when possible.

From initial trials, I found SparkCore connectivity to SmartThings not as user friendly as a ThingsShield - passing information through endpoints rather than directly parsing commands. Given this, I would prototype with a ThingsShield and then port your code to a SparkCore. This is also great because SC is noticeably smaller than a Arduino with a shield attached (4x smaller).

(Michael Sammon) #4

@thegibertchan cant thank you enough for your time in replying on a second question i had. its nice to know in this forum there are many always ready to help :smiley:
ill definitely look into the sparkcore. im using the mini blinds code provided by @wackware. i really need the arduino to sleep bc it has to run off batteries instead having it run ugly off usb’s :wink:
im starting with one and once i have it complete im going to do my 9 other blinds. i will definitely post pictures and instructions once my 2" venetian blinds are fully automated for turning the shades. it will cost each blind about $45, $20 less in cost than buying that jalousier blinds that were talked about in other topics.