Arduino shield for use in siren

I am considering making an arduino shield for use as a siren relay panel. I need to know 2 things before getting started though, hoping someone can give input…

  • Is the smartthings arduino shield whitelisted for local processing?
  • Can I set up the shield as a siren in smart home monitoring so that it will be sent a start and a stop signal when there is an intrusion? Lights seem to only be sent start signals when there is an intrusion so that wont work

If local processing is one of your major requirements this project is likely to be a non-starter.

I believe the new “smart lights” lighting wizard is the only app that will run locally. No other smartapps will run locally, that includes smartthings-created smartapps like the smart home monitor.

Can I ask why arduino shield? Are you trying to tie into an existing alarm panel or just create a new alarm/siren from scratch?


The Shield joins as an empty template Device Type. Therefore anything you build with it needs a Custom Handler and it will be a very long time before SmartThings allows us to load custom Device Type Handlers locally.

I actually have found that shm does work locally for me

Yes, starting from scracth- I’d like to have an alarm panel so I can actually hook up a decent siren rather than these z wave toys I see in the compatible products

Damn, yes its a non starter in this case :frowning:

I was also driven to create my own alarm. See post I made with custom alarm (siren/strobe) I created:

In essence, you don’t need to setup via Arduino shield to do this.

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Is there a way to have smart home monitor turn off the siren when the house has been disarmed / intrusion dismissed? I thought about doing something like that (that’s actually what I tested to see if shm would work offline) but I need it to turn back off as well.

One option I was thinking of was gutting a z wave siren and using it to trigger a relay.

The way I do this is as follows. Using the configuration for SHM, once you select open/close and motion sensors to monitor, you will select ‘Alert with Lights’ under the alarm notifications section.

Then in all of my modes “Hello Home”, “Goodnight”, Etc. I include the rule to turn off the switch I trigger for my SHM alarm.

Essentially when I received an false intrusion alert, I simple switch to one of my modes, e.g. “Hello Home” which will turn off the alarm switch and also disarm SHM.

Ah ok, that works but you still do need to manually intervene - I am hoping to have something that will turn off automatically after x minutes like the siren seems to be configured to do - I dont want to end up getting a fine from bylaw for noise in addition to getting robbed haha

But that does seem like the best plug and play solution there is for now. Its an area for smartthings to improve

You would have to manually intervene and disarm SHM with one of the other plug and play alarms on the market.

To solve this you can create a separate rule that triggers once the alarm is triggered ‘ON’ that after 5min time or say 5min time no motion to turn it “OFF”.

Smart home monitor has a timer built in for the siren - does that not work? It doesnt require that the house be disarmed or the intrusion be dismissed. Or at least thats how its represented, I havent tested it.