Aqara P2 Matter over Thread - Cool Down Period Settings

I wrote a routine that states wait 1 minute after the last detection of motion on the P2 sensor and then turn off the light. I find that when the device is installed on the ST hub it operates with a cool down period of 55 to 60 seconds. As such, the turn off delay causes the light to stay on about 2 minutes following the last detection of motion.

The driver that was installed is the “Matter Sensor” SmartThings driver. The driver allows you to use the properties of Motion, Illuminance and Battery status in routines. I believe that the device is supposed to offer customizable settings however the ST driver does not provide access these settings. I was hoping to have such settings such as the retrigger interval and detection sensitivity. I attempted to select another driver but the app showed “no results found”. Is there any Custom Matter Sensor driver that I might try that will provide these additional settings?

So your routine perhaps says, “wait 1 minute after the sensor says there is no more motion and then turn off the light.”

In other works, are you looking for a driver that allows you to modify the default cool down period?

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That is correct. I’d also like to be able to adjust the motion sensitivity. The sensor is set at “Medium” sensitivity as a default.

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From everything I’ve seen so far, you can’t adjust the sensitivity at this time. Eventually, like some other sensors, you will be able to adjust it in the Aqara app, but aqara generally does not expose the sensitivity parameter to third parties.

Shane discusses this in his video review

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Thank you.

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I believe Matter as a whole doesn’t have a standardized mechanism for communicating device settings. So it’s not just an Aqara problem, but all Matter devices.