Aqara hub Matter issue (June 2023)

Evening all.
I have managed (after a few attempts) to connect my Aqara M2 hub via Matter as a bridged hub in Smartthings. But how do I see the bridged devices? The Aqara app shows 21 bridged devices but none show in ST.
Can anyone help??

Last I heard smartthings did not yet support bringing in any “matter bridge” device. I didn’t know that had changed.

Is it possible that the Aqara hub is just showing as a “thread border router“ not as a “matter bridge“?

Also, just to be sure, do you have a Smart Things/aeotec hub and if so, which model? Smartthings requires that for matter support.


I’ve not heard that you can yet. Yes, a number of matter bridges are fingerprinted in the production channels so I’d imagined they could be installed in SmartThings, but I’ve not noticed any comment from end users about there being any bridging going on.

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