Aqara Button with Xiaomi handlers only "checking in"

What is the model number of the button, listed on the back?

If it’s WXKG12LM then that’s a new model which has more functions in SmartThings than the original Aqara button model.

I have two of that model, and I have been working on an updated device handler, which is almost ready to release publicly.


NOTE: All Xiaomi / Aqara wireless button users

Hub Firmware 25.26 was released for SmartThings v2 & v3 Hubs in March 2019.

The new firmware includes changes that “break” some functionality in the previous device handlers, but also allows for much improved functionality.

In order to fix the issues and add improved functionality, I have updated all Xiaomi / Aqara Button device handlers (DTHs). All SmartThings v2 & v3 Hub users are encouraged update to the newest DTHs immediately.

Please see this post for all details and links to the updated DTHs.