Apps that work with Samsung Speakers?

I am testing a Samsung 360 R7 speaker with SmartThings. I have connected the speaker without problem but I cant get any of the Sonos apps to work. Things like Text to Speak and other automations.

I can play from the smartthings app, but if I try to trigger anything from motion or proximity nothing happens.

Just me? Dont have problems with any other automation.

Advice appreciated.

The Samsung multiroom speakers don’t work nicely/easily with SmartThings. It’s very frustrating, it’s a game of trial and error, using multiple apps, the Sonos ones, then trying again and again, somehow I’ve managed to get the dogs barking on motion trigger, don’t ask me how I did it, pot luck.
I think we need to wait for full, seemless, native integration, that days’ not here yet.

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How nuts is that? You’d think the first thing Samsung would do is get their own kit working together.
Thanks for the reply, may just have to go down the Sonos route.

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Agree. The speaker box even has the “Works with Smartthings” logo in it, one of this reason i picked it up.

On making it work with ST, only way it worked for me is by using Custom Monitoring in the SHM configuration. I was able to monitor a specific sensor and do Text to Speech announcements on the speaker. But that doesn’t work consistently as well. Once in a while I had to restart the speaker for it to work again. I am assuming that is a speaker issue and not ST, not yet done a clean debugging yet. I am interested to see if this is a viable solution or if buying the costlier Sonos is the only option to have reliable integration.

Also, have to note none of the other apple with speaker output works for me.

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Hi, you could try Mediarenderer connect, its a device handler form many speakers, its general and it does not has multiroom control, but works great with music and messages, you can use the MediaRender events to send actions to speakers

Thanks for the replies. I’ve gone with Sonos in the end and they work brilliantly.

Thanks, will try.

I may have to do the same. Was trying to save some money :slight_smile:

I use rule machine, built in support for tts, with custom commands you can play mp3 clips., I have 4 m7s…