AppLights from HomeDepot?

I’ve seen some older posts but never any folllow-up on them. I would assume the answer is no but has anyone integrated with the AppLights from HomeDepot.

They are bluetooth so I’m assuming that it would need something in the middle.

They’re blowing them out by me. I was able to pick up some and I do like them but their app leaves something to be desired and I need to test this limit on 8 strands. I’m trying to figure out if it’s an 8 strand limit on connecting them together or is it 8 total sets of lights that you can use with the app which would seem silly but maybe it’s a bluetooth limitation. I don’t know.

Either way, any help would be appreciated.

Very cool lights! :sunglasses:

No direct integration, as you noted, and they don’t have an open API.

Many devices that have an android (but not IOS) app can be integrated with SmartThings by setting up an android device and using a combination of two third-party paid apps, Tasker and SharpTools.

As of this writing, the two apps together cost less than $10, and each has a Google play store rating of 4.5 stars. :sparkles:


With this combination, you can do all kinds of things: including simulate input to the lights’ own app.

There’s no equivalent functionality for iOS, at least not for a device which isn’t jailbroken, because Apple requires an acknowledgement that an app is being activated as a security measure. Android typically doesn’t, which allows you to automate many apps which are designed for touch input.

@joshua_lyon , Who is the developer of SharpTools and is very active in these forums, can say more, but I’m pretty sure you could do it if you’re willing to go this route.

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The approach @JDRoberts mentioned with Tasker is probably the most practical in this scenario. It doesn’t look like AppLights offers any sort of bridge (Wifi-to-Bluetooth), so it looks like they have to be controlled from your smart phone unless you want to try to reverse engineer their bluetooth protocol!

And as JD noted, Tasker makes it fairly easy for Android users to simulate interactions with other apps through something like AutoInput. And if you wanted to control them from SmartThings, you could either use something like Pushbullet or SharpTools to help with the integration.

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Maybe you were joking but android (since kitkat?) have a bluetooth log option under the developer options…

Thanks for sharing! I was trying to imply that integrating the AppLights ‘natively’ wasn’t a simple task since SmartThings doesn’t natively support Bluetooth and the manufacturer doesn’t offer a bridge device. It’s amazing what can be done when you put your mind to it though!

Some times the path of least resistance wins and some times you just want the challenge of figuring something out!

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