Connected bulbs default to on

So here is the scenario. We have about 18 connected bulbs, mostly GE Link. If the power goes out in the house, all the lights come on when it is restored. Is there a way to disable this? I am more concerned when we are away on vacation and the power goes out, and then everything stays on for 4-5 days.

Maybe an app that turns thing off when power restored, or when running checks for last ST status and sets the bulbs to this? Is there a way to build a rule for this?

And it’s for this reason that I’m switching from the 20+ smart bulbs I have to smart switches instead, unfortunately I believe only the OSRAMs have the ability to change this ‘feature’.

Nothing wakes you up like 6 bulbs turning on suddenly at 4am…

Only connected to the Lightify Gateway, and it just lets you select a default, not dynamically return to previous state. It’s really intended to make the bulbs work better with traditional switches, not to help with power outages.

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Good to know, thank you for the information.

So in short, your better off with smart switches instead of smart bulbs, unless of course it’s like one bulb, even then I’m so over being woken up I’ll pay the extra.

So to be clear the smart switch will default to the last state on power resume? That is disappointing about the bulbs, it will definitely change my strategy on new adds, and I will have to go through and replace some stuff I did with bulbs in the past.

I only have one smart switch (GE 12722) and a fan control (GE 12730) and neither have turned on after a power cut.

And yes, the more I learnt about this home automation thing the more I’d realised my mistake and I’m about 24 bulbs in, not including my outside ones because those I don’t care about and they’re RGB anyway.

I use a SmartThings V1 motion detector and custom app to get notifications when the power goes out, and switch off smart bulbs when the power comes on again. The V1 motion detector use batteries, but can also take power. It will generate an event when the power is lost or restored.

For that scenario, I have Smart Lighting do an ALL OFF at 3:02am everyday so they don’t run for days if away. The few times it has happened at night was a good alert to reset our alarm clocks.

Also, I do not put backup batteries in my hub so I get a notification when my hub is not connected. I’d rather have my hub reboot when the rest of my network does, eliminating any remote reboot issues. It can’t communicate with me anyway when down and I don’t care about the local processing of lights during that period as there is no power.

What app are you using for that?

I used an app written by Scottin Pollock. I can’t remember if I edited it or not.


  • Power Failure
  • Copyright 2014 Scottin Pollock


name: “Power Failure”,
namespace: “dpvorster”,
author: “Scottin Pollock”,
description: "Notify me of power failure and restoration using motion detector’s change from wired-power to battery-power, and optionally manipulate lights and send a HAM Bridge Command. ",
category: “My Apps”,
iconUrl: “”,
iconX2Url: “

preferences {
section(“When there is wired-power loss on…”) {
input “motion1”, “capability.motionSensor”, title: “Where?”
section(“Via a push notification and a text message(optional)”){
input “pushAndPhone”, “enum”, title: “Send Text?”, required: false, metadata: [values: [“Yes”,“No”]]
input “phone1”, “phone”, title: “Phone Number (for Text, optional)”, required: false
section(“Make changes to the following when powered is restored…”){
input “offSwitches”, “capability.switch”, title: “Turn these off”, required: false, multiple: true
input “onSwitches”, “capability.switch”, title: “Turn these on if after sunset”, required: false, multiple: true

def installed() {

def updated() {

def init() {
subscribe(motion1, “powerSource.battery”, powerOff)
subscribe(motion1, “powerSource.powered”, powerOn)

def powerOff(evt) {
def msg = “A Power Failure has Just Occurred!”

log.debug "sending push for power is out"

if ( phone1 && pushAndPhone ) {
	log.debug "sending SMS to ${phone1}"
	sendSms(phone1, msg)


def powerOn(evt) {
def msg = “The Power has Been Restored!”

log.debug "sending push for power is back on"

if ( phone1 && pushAndPhone ) {
	log.debug "sending SMS to ${phone1}"
	sendSms(phone1, msg)

if ( offSwitches ) {
	log.debug "killing Hues"

if ( onSwitches ) {
	log.debug "restoring Hues"
    def ss = getSunriseAndSunset()
    def now = new Date()
	def dark = ss.sunset
    if ( dark.before(now) ) {