Appliance module WITHOUT ground: Hawking Tech HomeRemote

For those of us with older homes you might have some rooms that don’t have receptacles/outlets that have a spot for a ground prong. In the past I’ve been able to find some units that were dimmer switches without the ground, but I wanted these for my kids radios. They like to listen to music at night and often will fall asleep with the music playing. This wasn’t a problem when they listened to CDs, but these days it’s the radio, which would play all night unless we went in after they fell asleep and turned 'em off.

I just happened to look on eBay again and found an appliance module that does NOT use the ground plug and it is just on/off, not a dimmer. The company appears to be called Hawking Technology and the and the brand is HomeRemote. I picked up some from this seller:

He’s still got a few left. I can confirm that they work very well with SmartThings. I can also confirm that they work with Intermatic HA07 remotes.

Thank you very much, I have a use for one of these.