Appliance module WITHOUT ground: Hawking Tech HomeRemote

For those of us with older homes you might have some rooms that don’t have receptacles/outlets that have a spot for a ground prong. In the past I’ve been able to find some units that were dimmer switches without the ground, but I wanted these for my kids radios. They like to listen to music at night and often will fall asleep with the music playing. This wasn’t a problem when they listened to CDs, but these days it’s the radio, which would play all night unless we went in after they fell asleep and turned 'em off.

I just happened to look on eBay again and found an appliance module that does NOT use the ground plug and it is just on/off, not a dimmer. The company appears to be called Hawking Technology and the and the brand is HomeRemote. I picked up some from this seller:

He’s still got a few left. I can confirm that they work very well with SmartThings. I can also confirm that they work with Intermatic HA07 remotes.

Thank you very much, I have a use for one of these.

You are replying to a post that is more than nine years old and it is not true that those devices are still available from the eBay seller that was mentioned. So I’m not quite sure what you were trying to say? :thinking:

In any case, I certainly wouldn’t recommend adding a Z wave device that old to a current smartthings setup. There are several other choices for SmartThings-compatible smart plugs with newer technology that don’t have a ground post. Another option is something like a Shelly in line relay as long as the specs match. Nine years is a really long time in the home automation industry. :wink: