Apple's WWDC 2019

Not a big fan of Homekit but does Apple have anything in its goodie bag this year at WWDC?

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I’m curious about the Voice Control announcement, and anyone think it’ll improve navigation in apps that aren’t designed with Accessibility in mind (thinking about all the issues with VoiceOver and the current SmartThings apps)?

It was kind of buried in there, but that seemed like big step forward, one of the biggest announcements of the day to me. Though, not being in that particular situation, not sure how much of an improvement it actually will be.


Now that would make @JDRoberts 's day!


It’s a good feature but it probably won’t help with the SmartThings app because of the kind of accessibility fails it presents. :scream:

image image


Here’s how it looks:

( video includes augmented captions)

It’s going to be an excellent feature for me, but it can’t fix everything. And in particular, it doesn’t help most of those with vision issues.