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Apple Watch and SmartThings -Cnet article

(April Wong) #1

(Ron S) #2

Great now that I cannot afford an Apple Watch, ST decides to launch an app for that. :wink:

(Andrew Cockburn) #3

Great - now I am still waiting until June for mine, ST decides to launch an app for that :wink:

(fightingmajor) #5

I have tattoos so no apple watch for me :cry:

(April Wong) #6

Oh, I heard about that! It’s okay. we support other wearables, too :wink: Like the GearS. Hahah…

(Dav Glass) #7

Mine doesn’t arrive until June either & I have sleeve tattoos. We shall see how well it works with them then :slight_smile:

(Ron S) #8

I don’t have any tattoos and will see how well it works without them. :wink: one quick question though, if you are using both an iPhone as well Apple watch and using ST app on both… How does the presence thing work? I carry the phone outside my house and leave the watch behind. What happens?


The watch doesn’t have its own presence. It’s just mirroring what’s on the phone. So if you leave the watch at home, it doesn’t make any difference to presence, presence is based on where the phone is.

The tattoo issue arises when the watch’s sensors are directly over a tattoo with black or dark red ink. This will affect the ability to read the heart rate, and for some people, also appears to make the watch think it’s not on the skin, in which case it may block access to some features including Apple Pay. But it’s only the area of the skin directly underneath the watch. People with tattoos on the underside of the arm aren’t reporting any problems, nor are people with naturally dark skin. It’s the ink that’s the issue.

(Chris Mc Laughlin) #10

How about Android Wear? It’s been out for nearly a year!


The first wearables app SmartThings released was for the Samsung Gear S, a few months ago. :wink:

but no official word on a generic android wear app yet.

(Chris Mc Laughlin) #12

Yeah, the Gear S runs Samsung’s proprietary Tizen OS though, which is what will power SmartThings hubs in the future. Samsung does make the Gear Live, however, which runs Android Wear. It would be nice to have that app to use with any Android watch - including Samsung’s own.


There is no use to cry about “Android wear”, I have had the Moto 360 for last 6 months, and Smartthings ,Wink or any other US company has not even bothered to release an App for wear yet.

Its just sad to see no love for Android in general, what makes it worse is that Samsung aquired Smarththings, so one would have thought that they would have released it first for Android Wear.

But my guess is most of the staff at Smartthings use iphones and have apple watch, and very few people use Android and Android wear

Its pretty sad :disappointed:

(Carson Dallum) #14

+1 for Android Wear support. Having ST integration for seeing the status of my home, getting updates and executing simple commands would make probably push me over the edge and get one… :heart_eyes:

(Ron S) #15

-1 for Android Wear Support. @cdallum. :wink: Full stream ahead on improving the iOS related platform and devices…

(April Wong) #16

entirely not true. :slight_smile: IT’s pretty split half and half here. I can attest, after all, my avatar IS of me hugging Andy the Android… I have an album of that! Hug ALL THE ANDROIDS!


Plus the very first wearables release from SmartThings wasn’t for Apple, it was for the Samsung Gear S. Which definitely is what I would have expected. :wink:


Thanks for the numbers update @April , but the fact of the matter is that even after samsung acquisition , the primary focus is IOS app development than Android . Otherwise there would have been an Android wear app for smarthtings long ago.

Are IOS users of smartthings soo high in number, that the Android app needs to be a second class citizen ?

(Ron S) #19

@April We all believe you. After all you took that bite off Apple (out of envy?) :wink:


Sorry, but this just isn’t true. Android Wear client aside, our Android team is larger than our iOS team. There is no “primary focus” for mobile development as we have multiple teams working in parallel.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #21

Does the SmartThings App have any public “intents” (sorry… I’m not sure of the correct Android OS terminology) so that a Community Developer could code a “well integrated” Android Wear plug-in?

As is obvious from the Forum, we’ve been given a powerful API that is mostly backend focused (SmartApps and SmartDevice Types).

Hooks into the Mobile Apps would be a leap, I guess, but very appreciated. I presume some stuff is doable with Tasker already.