App will not show system to be armed

A couple months back, when I would attempt to arm the Samsung ADT smartthings alarm, the indicator would spin for awhile and then go back to the the original “ready to arm” status. While it would actually complete the arming activity on the system, the app would not show that status. Therefore, when I would return home, I could not disarm the alarm from the app, but would have to do it directly on the smartthings hub. I have restarted and reset the hub on the network, deleted and reinstalled the app (IOS) multiple times, Any suggestions?

I had this problem too.

I had to factory reset the hub and delete the location I used with the hub. I then had to start over with a new location.

Support staff informed me this behavior occurs when two hubs are setup in the same location. The hubs conflict with each other and prevent status from ever appearing in the app.

Good luck! I waited nearly 10 months before I did the entire reset, which I did last week. Everything works great now but it was a pain to have to set everything up again.

Thanks. Will give it a try.