Disable AC switch when doors/windows are open for X

I’m currently using a WeMo switch to control a window AC unit, based on the temperature from a multi sensor. I’m using Enhnaced Virtual Thermostat for my threshold temps, but I’m looking for something that will also turn off the AC if windows or doors are open for X minutes. Or the AC won’t turn on if windows are already open. Ideally I’d love this built into the virtual Thermostat app, but not sure the best way to do it.

Does this exist or is it possible to come up with such an app?

What you’re describing is relatively easy to accomplish by adding some code to the app you are using. Obviously you would need sensors on the applicable windows and doors. Send me a Private Message and I’ll help you do it (click on my little picture to message).

I would do this to turn on the AC unit but not turning it off by cutting off power. You are giving the compressor a heart attack by not allowing it to cool down.

Check this out:

Thanks, I did look at that one but unfortunately it won’t work for me since I’m using an external switch and not an actual Thermostat.

It’s coming :smile:

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