App shows devices offline

Hello. I’m a new user of smartthings app. Recently I purchased a Samsung range and refrigerator and connected them both to smatthings thru my wifi without any issues. Everything was working great for 2 weeks. But then both show disconnected and nothing that I do helps. My network works fine, and I’m confused about what to do next. Any suggestions?

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If you could provide a few more details it will help immensely with the answer
Country of location
Model numbers of affected devices

Sure. So I’m located in US Philadelphia and refrigerator MODEL NUMBER: RF23A9071SR/AA and gas range MODEL NUMBER: NX60T8711ST/AA. On both devices, wi-fi shows as on, but on the app, it shows offline. And as I said I had no issue connecting to wifi and stay on for few weeks. And then this. Thank you for looking into this

Hey there! @SGTrader, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: Thanks @fido for the tag and for requesting the troubleshooting information I needed. I was happy to take a look into your symptoms further.

I see that both models are US-compatible devices that can be added to Smart Things using your 2.4 GHz networks for the devices and capable of Smart Control to remain remotely controllable. As you have confirmed the WiFi Indicator on both devices is illuminated, the devices are ready to be connected to a network.

The next thing to rule out even if functionally working would be any changes to your existing network setup over these past few weeks. Have you updated your router recently? Any changes to your router such as Bridge mode enabled? This would only need to be disabled long enough for the devices to stay connected to your 2.4GHz network.

I also wanted to ask what device you are using the ST App on? Have you already tried clearing the cache of the Smart Things App. Settings>Apps>Smart Things>Storage>Clear Cache and Restart your device to see if the status updates.

After confirming router changes and clearing of the cache, you may want to attempt to delete and re-add the device in the ST App. Try adding them directly by model code, after selecting (+) Add Device, Search by the model code and follow the prompts.

I hope this message finds you well!


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