App for Sprinklers using a pump?

I’m in south florida and my sprinkler system uses a zone indexing valve with a well pump. The timer turns the pump on for “x” minutes then turns off. When it turns off, the indexing valve changes zones on its own. Sprinkler then turns on for “x” minutes and off, it repeats this process for all 4 zones. Im using is the intermatic CA3750, which was originally being used for my pool pump.

Im looking for a smart app that will basically turn on the intermatic at a scheduled time, turn off after 20 minutes, wait 5 minutes, turn on for 20 , and so on. I also want an exception for if its raining.

All of the sprinkler apps I’ve found use the complicated systems where each zone has its own valve.

Does anyone know of a smartapp that does what I’m looking for, or is willing to help me write one. I have zero knowledge on writing the code

It seems all you need is to turn the pump on - the intermatic is just a timer, correct?

If it’s a 220 there are several ways - one is this.

You would just use a ST 110 receptacle or wall wart to activate it.

The intermatic CA3750 is actually a zwave contactor but I believe it has been discontinued. I am in the same boat as umpmanjoe, I have the same kind of sprinkler setup, only currently being controlled by an electro-mechanical timer. I am fairly new to SmartThings and converting the sprinkler control is on my todo list. I am also interested in finding a SmartApp that can control this type of sprinkler but am also in need of a zwave control for the pump. I have looked at the CA3750, the Elk unit that Paul_Haskins linked to and also this:

The Aeon unit has the zwave built in for about the same price as the Elk and from the Amazon reviews, pairs with the v2 hub as an Aeon outlet.

I have the exact same set up - CA3750 controlling a well pump with an indexing valve that cycles through each of the 4 sprinkler zones. Wondering if there was a smart app solution that could turn the pump on and off automatically with some sort of weather integration? I’m using “Smart Lighting” SmartApp right now - which does the job - but it’s not very smart - and does not check the local weather to see if it’s rained recently.