API/IDE Auth Bug for UK users

@Aaron there seems to be a bug with the IDE/API thats to do with the authentication between US and EU.

If you go to www.graph.api.smartthings.com and sign in, none of my devices appear. It seems at this point, we’re connected to the US servers, which is why when I originally added my WeMo Smart App, it never appeared on my phone.

If however, you then click the “My Locations” tab, you get booted out of the service, and you need to sign in again. You will notice that the URL is now:

This is the EU server, and anything you do here will show up on your EU device. Might be worth pointing out to the team if they’re not already aware.

Solution for anyone in the UK doing development work. Go to https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com
and NOT graph.api.smartthings.com

Tagging @Dianoga for IDE issues.

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This is a high priority well known issue for us (UK Peeps) at the moment - Its related to the oAuth issue.

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I figured it was linked to the OAuth issue, glad to know they’re aware of it.

Didn’t find anything about this myself, and had been driving me mad for development reasons as to why it randomly can\cannot find devices.

Now I know…

This is mad that it’s still an issue, and even more isn’t documented clearly anywhere official - took me an age to find this out when trying to get my hub set up in the UK.

Are there differences between the US and Europe IDEs? I don’t appear to be able to setup github integration when logged in to graph-eu01-euwest1, yet I can on graph.api…

Welcome to ST and the poor mans shard called the EU one.
All of your points have been brought up on numerous occasions with multiple unsatisfactory answers from ST.
You can integrate Github BTW but for the life of me I cannot remember.

You will probably find that every other day someone complains of setting devices and not being able to see them in the IDE.
They then get pointed to the correct shard by community members.

Sorry to bring up an old thread…

I can access my devices via graph-eu01-euwest1 but it won’t let me do Github intergration. if I access via graph.api - no devices but it does let me do Github intergration. Any help appreciated!!

Hi all, in case you havent seen it, i think this seems to be the solution:

Click on the following link to activate GitHub on your EU account.


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