NYC connected door buzzer- has anyone done it or know how?

Relative noob to ST here. Is there a device or work-around to get a NYC door buzzer connected to ST to allow remote opening of the front door of the apartment building? The buzzer currently does not have a phone connection. Thanks

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Im assumig you want ST to just “Buzz you in” When you get to the fron door?

That would be awesome but more so that I want to be able to let someone in remotely. I was thinking of installing a connected lock on the apartment door but to let someone in to the place remotely would require first letting them in the front door of the building.

Im assuming you have a button you can push that is in your apartment to buzz them in? Or do you have to walk to the front door to let them in?

Correct. This isn’t the exact one, but it looks something like this:

I’m pretty sure you can achieve your goal using a MIMOlite, but you could also consider the Lockitron Access. Both devices are pretty similar, but with the Lockitron Access (also called the Lockitron Buzzer) you can give out temporary electronic “keys” if they download the app to their phone.