MIMOlite to trigger notification off an IR Beam

Basically trying to setup a laser proximity fence around my home, I would like push notifications so that I can remotely tell see if people are on my property. Settled on the IR beams because everything else has too many false positives.

I’ve connected my MiMO Lite to an IR beam (Seco-Larm E-931-S35RRQ Enforcer) and the setup works well. By connecting the IR beam output to the Signal terminal (input on the Mimolite) I am able to visually see the green ‘sensor’ light flashing when the beam is broken.

The next part is where I need help. How do i set this up for ST to be able to notify me when the beam has been broken?

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Which device type do you have for it in SmartThings?

Does it look something like This?

Click on the gear in smart home monitoring.

Choose custom,

Choose new monitoring rule,

and choose open/closed

Not quite but thanks for your reply @professordave . Your screenshot (and some other threads) got me thinking about changing the device type to create notifications based on a simple state (open/close in my case). After altering the Mimolite device type on the IDE screen to Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor I can now make it function as I need to by using the ‘Notify Me When’ SmartApp.

The combination of hardware I have setup now allows me to be remotely notified when someone is on my property. With that information I can check my cameras to see who and what is there and take appropriate actions.

Thanks again!

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Glad you got it working.l!

To help refine your solution,
The default device type for the mimolite should still show up as an open close device.

Leaving it default you can still access other functionality.

I have the mimolite send me a text when and if the house ever looses power in addition to notifying me of open/close on a skylight.

Also, I prefer to use smart home monitor over “notify me when app” as I assume that there is a higher probability that smart home monitor would be made to run local one day in the future over “notify me when” being made to run local.