Ring Doorbell Pro stopped reporting events

Anyone else experiencing no reported events from their Ring Doorbell since October 2nd?

It must have been just me. After editing the Device in the IDE and resaving, it’s reporting again. (I may have changed the device to a regular Ring and back again…can’t remember)

Edit: Looks like it wasn’t just me. :slight_smile:

I just noticed this myself over the weekend, was going to try the usual trick of going into the SmartApp and just saving all the way out again, seems something similar for you worked, will try it myself.

I have had to remove and re-add it for it to start working again…

blah, just checked and nothing since the 2nd.

update: opened the connect app and saved and that seems to have brought it back to life.


The issue has been identified and the dev team is working on a fix.


A hot fix was deployed to address this.