Anyone tried the LB60Z-1 Z-Wave Dimmable LED Light Bulb?

About to order a LB60Z-1 Z-Wave Dimmable LED Light Bulb and was wondering if anybody had ever tried to use one of these with the SmartThings system? Do you think it’ll be possible to just pair it as a light? Thoughts?

I’m new to all this smart house tinkering. =]

I could see them working. Linear devices have been compatible in the past and its nexia compliant. I dont see the advantage over them though. They arent any cheaper than the Phiilips Lux

I just ordered one… a minor sale at
I’m hoping it will work. It certainly isn’t in the list of things in the ST add menu, so I’m not clear on the process of how to add it…but I hope to figure that out.
Did you actually order any…or looking for others’ experiences?

This could take care of the problem I have with locations in my house where there is no neutral at the switch box, though I wish I could also have local control at the switch. My primary application for this one will be a motion-sensor-activated porch light.

I’m probably going to order one of these today and also have no idea how to go about adding a custom item not in the add menu. I managed to get 1 for $24.

About that Hue Lux… would that be added just by selecting Hue from the add menu… or is that just for the main Hue and not the Lux?

Replying to an old post, but… Any luck w this bulb? Thanks!

Old post, but the Phillips is zigbee light link protocol, and can only act as a repeater for bulbs in its own mini network.

The linear in this topic is a zwave device, and capable, when powered on, of acting as a repeater for other zwave devices.

It can be quite useful to have a ceiling-mounted repeater in many installs. So it just depends on each household’s set up as to whether this bulb is more useful than the Phillips, but it could be.

As for adding it…you’d need a zwave smart device type for this device class. No idea if there’s already one available, though.

I just tried putting one into a socket that’s on a dimmer switch. It works, but I can’t get it to turn off. When I tell it to turn off, it fades down to off and then pops back on at 100% brightness. It’s either not working as it should or it’s having trouble being on a switch that has a dimmer function, even though I have the dimmer at 100% power on the slider.

I’m having the same issue, were you able to resolve this?

No, Sorry.

This worked for me:

Got it working fine picked IKEA inder love lightbulbs. First time not responsive second worked. 6 on off cycles puts in pair mode (blinks a few times) then paired automatically

On off and can set dimmer level. Listed as a dimmer. Now trying to figure why won’t delete first “device” try.