Anyone tried HOOBS for HomeKit integration?

A friend of mine wants a very easy to set up homebridge product and is looking at HOOBS. Reviews seem to indicate that you are paying for the extra convenience, it would be cheaper to just get a raspberry pi especially since HOOBS offers its software for free. But my friend is willing to pay the extra to get the already set up package and I think that’s fine as long as he understands what he’s paying for. Choice is good.

But I don’t know anyone who has this particular device. Does anyone have experience with this model specifically? Thanks! I know there are quite a few community members who are using homebridge with smartthings, I know how to do that, I’m just asking about this specific product. :sunglasses:

Here’s a recent review from the always detailed HomeKit news site which makes it look pretty good, but of course the reviewer has a lot of technical experience.


Sorry, I have no experience with an out of the box homebridge I was very frustrated many times and almost bought one but somehow always made it work on my raspberry pi.

I can see it work well though. It is now probably no more than 15 commands to get this setup and if you rund some scripts in the background to restart in case of failure and do automated updates it should work.

Sorry I can’t be of more help!


Maybe one word of caution… I just read the review you posted and it did not mention SmartThings. The SmartThings plugin is fairly complicated compared to others because it has to support many more device capabilities. I remember issues in the past with locks, buttons etc that made the whole apple Home setup crash, not only the plugin… but if you keep it simple with mostly switches and dimmers there should be no problem long term.

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Let’s just start off with saying hoobs customer service is horrible, but there technical support is amazing however, but extremely limited.

I had a representative named body slope with hoobs, he must be the president or something but he’s an absolute jerk my hoobs failed and destroyed my entire HomeKit. I had to remove HomeKit from my entire iCloud account, and then completely start over. That took 4 hours on the phone with Apple to get it done, the hoobs hacked My home kit, and when the hoobs box software became corrupted, and made homekit devices work together anymore. a none of my devices would speak and to each other, and I ’m still having issues, I emailed the company hoobs, and asked for a refund and to return their broken product, and they refused. They said I can ship it back myself, which cost $45 by the way to ship internationally to Canada. And they stated that if they received it and determine that it’s a different device failure they’ll return my money, and I sent it back 21 days ago and they still haven’t received it. Im assuming it’s been lost in the mail because of Covid, worst product I’ve ever touched. however I will say technical support is pretty decent, but you should not have to utilize technical support right away out of the box I opened it up powered it on and the unit wouldn’t even come on I could not get to the login screen a way to days before I decided to call them because it says 5 to 10 minutes it should be up I wanted to give it an extra amount of time. Had someone by the name of Bobby slope contact me via email and tell me that if I ship it back I might get around to getting my payment back if they determine it’s a fault of their’s or they would send me a new one I told him to keep that crap I want my money back and if they didn’t return it I was gonna call the bank and follow dispute which I’m doing right now worst product ever do not even bother you will regret it trust me it’s extremely hard to set up the interface is lacking there’s a lot of coding that you have to do and it’s just not a very good well thought out product for it to be a beginners level equipment which I am I was extremely disappointed if I had a rating system this would get -10 Stars.

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Well here’s my thing we were attempting to integrate Samsung smart things when everything broke and I reached out to the company and was basically giving attitude like it was my fault I think the hoobs product is absolutely amazing but I do believe that if you’re not advanced they should help you no matter what’s going on any issues I was experiencing resulted from home bridge security failure I didn’t realize till just recently that it may not have had anything to do with hoobs I’ve offered to retract my statement if they were willing to help me set up a hoobs on A raspberry pie, because I have a few sensors in motion kids and cameras and vacuums etc. that I would like to integrate and some of that I can so that I can but I would like some help with at least the configuration maybe a little education on how to do this and do that and a little education on what not to do what not to touch, then I would be happy with you I’ll be a happy camper, So I appreciate if anyone wants to make a couple bucks a few bucks show me how to do some things I don’t want you doing it for me I wanna do a self but this time I want you on my side teaching me how to do it because I don’t know how to do The script i’m just trying to clean out the security flaws that I have in this current HomeBridge and close the back door and give me the only key

It is way too complicated. Most of the plugins are almost impossible to set up. Need to be a programmer. I purchased it today. Spent 5 hours. Got one plugin up because it was menu driven. All of the others are far too completed. And I am only using big name devices. Waste of money.

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Thanks, that’s what I suspected.