Anyone have the linear gd00z support zwave command list?

I am trying to improve my device code for the GD00Z garage door openers. I have tried to reach out to linear but not had good results. I wish everyone released the zwave commands they support.

Does anyone have the specs for this device ?

Is there a way to poll the device to see what it supports ?

All certified Zwave devices have a “conformance statement” posted on the Zwave alliance products site. That will list both the “supported” command sets (ones the device can receive) and " controlled" command sets ( ones the device can send). Garage door controllers will be in the “motor control” category.

You won’t find any posted details on the command sets themselves as you’re supposed to buy a Zwave developer’s license to get access to those, but the Open Zwave Project should have most of what you need for that.

The zwave standard does allow for manufacturer-proprietary as well, if there are parameters you can set for the device that fall into that category, they will be detailed in the user manual.

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Hey Ron, let me know if you crank out some good code … I’d be glad to test it on mine. I assume it’s on a v2 hub?

I already have a version out there. It’s just a derivative of
@garyd version. I am just trying to add status of the battery. So far it’s not working because I don’t even know if the GD00Z reports battery status. the garyd vesion of the code had some code which captures the battery % value and some other code which captured Notification with a certain value and set the battery %1 value meaning low battery.

What what I can tell from the specs @JDRoberts pointed out the battery command class isn’t supported and my finding is that batteryGet isn’t responded to so that seems correct.

I think the Notification code in garyd’s version may be correct because my device had the 1% value stored and my battery is likely low, so I modified my version to look for this status code and just report “LOW” instead of 1% which is misleading. However since I did this (and reset my battery to OK) I have not seen the LOW battery status. I am meaning to check my battery with a battery meeter and see if it should be reporting low but I have no had the chance.

Without details engineering zwave specs from Linear (now Go Control) I have no way to code this other then trial and error. I don’t know why they don’t publish their specs like Aeon Tech does. I have written several device drivers for Aeon Tech and their engineer specs are available and their support replies quickly to inquires about their devices. I can’t seem to get hold of anyone at linear. They have so many derivatives of the GD00Z that I was hoping I could get the specs from someone else but so far no joy.

@Ron, I have one question regarding your code and the battery status/report. Once I reset the battery value/status, do I need to keep resetting it regularly in order to get the “Low” status/report or it will automatically update itself when the battery gets to a Low level?

@gferrari I am not sure. Linear doesn’t publish the zwave signals they process so I have to guess at it and can’t really test because the battery is not low, until it is :slight_smile:

I suspect it doesn’t support battery status since the battery is in the sensor not the main unit.