Works with nest!

I am sure that this is part of the developer attempts that the ST team has applied for in the past, but if you guys have still not heard anything maybe it is worth sending in a whole new applications? I just saw the blurb about this coming through on multiple sites. So please forgive me if this is completely redundant .

If not, then I am more than eager to hear if this type of integration is even beneficial to the ST ecosystem, or is Nest looking to become a ST competitor. Thoughts



I hope this isn’t what nest considers opening their API where they control the access. Disappointing that ifttt can’t use home and away mode as an action, only a trigger, so you can’t use geofencing.

Also, I decided to buy the harmony hub and simple remote last week and love it. Logitech’s ultimate remote for $250 will support Nest, but not sure if it’s worth it just for that as I hate remotes without buttons for channels.

Overall, this is a step in the right direction though.

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I think this (Google’s entrance) has the potential to be bigger than Apple Homekit. Very interested to see what happens at I/O today. With their acquisition of Nest and Dropcam, they can be very big players very soon.

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I had signed up previously when they announced their API and heard nothing. I have now signed up for this. I haven’t done all the required reading yet, but it looks like it will probably handle the things we need to handle.