Anybody know what happened to RSSI & LQI information in IDE?

In the Groovy Ide you used to be able to select one of your devices and view RSSI & LQI signal strengths, now all of this info is gone. You can’t even select a device it just says “placeholder” Is this because of the closer of Groovy IDE? And if so Anybody know of another way to find signal strength info or if or if Samsung plans on showing it in edge drivers or ST app in the future? Thanks guys

IDE is set to end later this year. Any device with Placeholder as the Device Type is using an Edge Driver or one of the cloud to cloud integrations using the new architecture. Devices using Edge Drivers do not display all their data nor can you edit then in IDE.

right now, I don’t believe there is a way to see signal strength or routing data in the new architecture.


Thanks heaps. Hopefully Smartthings will give us a way to check signal strengths in the future… On the app would be perfect

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