Any way to view live video feed on Windows Phone?

I just added the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro to my SmartThings setup. It works fine on my husband’s iPhone and iPad, and I am able to see live video feeds on those devices. On my Windows Phone, I do get intruder notification alerts with video clips that are viewable in the Smart Home Monitor. However, I can not see any way to view a live feed from the camera.

I know that the Windows Phone app is behind the iOS and Android apps as far as functionality, but is there any way to view live camera feeds on my Windows Phone? I just want to make sure that I’m not missing something. Right now, when I look at my SmartCam “thing” the only real information I see is that it is active. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Take a look at TheHomeRemote it would be very easy to create a Video view panel to view the video. Or alternatively you can search the store for Ip Cam Monitor Pro. I use this for my cameras. You can pin the camera to your start screen and the live tile shows a video snapshot which is updated every few minutes. Provided the camera outputs a Mjpeg stream which according to the Manual it does

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