Any way to detect degraded or failed zwave network via API?

I’ve noticed that from time to time, the zwave network starts to degrade. Unfortunately, teh first I know about it is when things stop working, such as codes for the front door lock. Running a network repair sometimes helps but sometimes doesn’t, and more often than not the most reliable fix is simply to reboot the hub.

I looked through the zwave reference and the hub reference, but I can’t see any way to check the current state of the zwave network and alert or take action (such as rebooting the hub).

Has anyone else figured this out?


We don’t really have any Z wave network analysis tools with SmartThings, but I’m not sure it would show what you’re suggesting anyway since it’s a mesh network.

I suspect instead that you should be looking at some of the wellness check options which look at the individual devices and tell you when was the last time they reported and what their battery status is. Knowing when they last reported will tell you when devices have fallen off the network, for example.

There are a number of these created by the community, but I think the most popular right now is “simple device Viewer” which is a really nice smart app with a lot of configuration options.

The fastest way to find these is to look on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki on the “wellness check” list under smart apps:

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Thanks - I wasn’t aware of the wiki, that’s very useful.

When looking at the hub status via the web IDE it does note zwave status as “non functional”, and its that which I was hoping to capture. But I’ll take a look at wellness check too as that might be more accurate anyway. Thanks for the pointers.

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