Any way to browse community app contributions without creating an app?

(Ethan Kaplan) #1

So far the only way I have seen to browse apps is to create one, then browse so you can clone it. Any way to browse without creating an app?

(eisenhowerj) #2

I was thinking the same thing and was about to create a post. I see a ton of stuff on github. It would be nice if SmartThings had a wiki or simple listings with type (actions, devices, etc), purpose and link to github.

(Alex) #3

+1 (and other 20 chars)

(Ethan Kaplan) #4

Or just a directory of user apps. It’s there, but you have to create a dummy app to even browse it, which is stupid. Move the cloning process BEFORE creating an app.

(TAG) #5

I just received my unit and started programming on it…already was thinking the same thing. I just assumed I didn’t find the means yet.

(Brian Smith) #6

I know this something that SmartThings was working on. They were looking at the best way to present the data, allow comment, etc. I just don’t think they have had much time to devote to it.

(Ben Edwards) #7

It’s something we all want. #notimeline

(Ethan Kaplan) #8

Couldn’t it be done as a community? Simple place to put your github repo ID, etc?

(Tony Gutierrez) #9

Yeah, this behavior is really bizarre…A search within the app repo would be great as well.

Also I have noticed that App code of miine in the repo is behind the current code and doesnt seem to update.