Any way to add a pause/play button to ST with harmony?

I have ST and Harmony Ultimate hub. The triggers run fine, but what I want to have is a way of pausing/playing the TV quickly - via the notification Centre or a toggle in ST. Is there any way to edit what buttons come up on IOS Notification Center?

I wanted to add a pause option for a situation where the doorbell rang. I could not find a simple way since the harmony integration only works to launch or end an activity.

Not to be put off I experiemented, and eventually came up with a solution. It’s not an answer to your need but it might inspire you:

When a harmony activity is launched, a virtual switch in SmartThings is triggered ( ‘appletv is on’ for example).
Ring door bell is pressed
Virtual switch in SmartThings is triggered via IFTTT
Smart rules detects virtual switch is on, and checks to see if a harmony activity is active
If it is smartrules will trigger another virtual switch called 'pause appletv’
Harmony reads this and launches a parrallel activity with the pause button added to the start up sequence
Smartrules is used to reset all the virtual switches and relaunch the origional harmony activity

Few, that was hard work, first time I’ve documented the process!


Jon, that’s perfect! Thanks for the explanation.