Have harmony ultimate pause tv when motion?

Hi folks. I would have thought this was possible but can’t figure it out. Basically looking for a way to have my tv pause when there is motion detected on my driveway Arlo cam. I’m running the harmony ultimate remote. Surely this is possible?
Any help on this appreciated.


You have to first create a harmony activity to pause. That will then appear as a virtual switch to smartthings. Then just have the motion sensor trigger the virtual switch.

The official SmartThings/Harmony Integration only works on the basis of activities, it does not expose individual buttons on the remote.

If you want granular button control you have to take a different approach and use an unofficial Integration. But this is technically much more complex.

[RELEASE] KuKuHarmony - DTH and SmartApp that support to control devices in Logitech Harmony(using Harmony-API)

Thanks mate. I had a feeling it was something to do with activities. Do you know if a broadlink would work, the mini one?

I actually have 3 minis in the box waiting for time to tackle the project. I will be using them for soundbars. I will be using this DTH:

I tried to do something similar with my Harmony . I wanted to turn on my TV and then have my strip lights and other lights auto turn on and adjust to the level i want when the Harmony turned on my “Watch TV” activity. While it worked…by the time Harmony sent Smartthings saying the activity was on would take 5 or more minutes. Anyone else experience this?

You have to add the ST Harmony Activity to the Harmony Activity in the Harmony App. :rofl::rofl:

Seriously, in the Harmony App, go to add devices then select SmartThings. From there, an authorization screen will load up and then click the “Switches” (Harmony Activities that show up in ST) to authorize Harmony to use. Then add the additional step of turning on/off these Switches (ST-Harmony Activities) at the end of the Harmony Activity in the Harmony App. This will give you instant updates in SmartThings where the 5 minute delay is now only a second.

Hope that helps.


Thanks. That helped!!