Detect knock and pause TV?

I’ve been using the door knocker smart app which works flawlessly. But now I want to extend that to pause whichever harmony activity is running when the door is knocked on. The smart app doesn’t have this functionality so I’m looking to implement this, probably using core.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to go about this?

You’ll probably have to break this down into tasks and combine them once you get the individual tasks working. First, how to pause the TV? I don’t think the current Harmony/ST integration has this built in, I heard it works with Alexa though.

There’s the project turning a dumb fan into a smart one using a cheap development board. You can teach it the corresponding IR codes that can be called via a web endpoint that will pause your TV after it gets called by the door knocker or whatever is used to detect the knock/vibration.

Use sharptools, and have the knock trigger Tasker to send the ‘pause’ to Harmony. Easy.

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I don’t think it’s possible to have the door knocker smart app trigger anything. Unless maybe I detect the knock using core, but that might be tricky and I presume is the reason the smart app was made in the first place

I don’t use the app. However, at bottom all that is occurring is that a sensor which, when no one knocks, is ‘inactive’ becomes ‘active’ the moment someone knocks. In sharptools, you subscribe to whatever the thing state of ‘active’ is for that thing. From there, Tasker can do virtually anything with it. Including telling Harmony to pause the tv.

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I’ve done this fairly easily be setting up a ‘Pause TV’ activity on the harmony hub and linked that activity to a virtual switch in ST. Using Core, now when my door is knocked after dark the lounge and porch lights turn on and the TV pauses.

How do you do this successfully as an activity? Doesn’t switching activities turn everything thing else off (any Harmony devices that are not in use in your ‘pause tv’ activity?)

I’ve set the Harmony hub to not turn off devices when switching activities (in my case it’s only the Sky box that would be turned off as my TV and soundbar stay on regardless of which activity it’s in). So in my example of when someone knocks my front door the Pause TV activity is triggered, the Pause command is sent to the sky box, and the lounge, front porch and hallway lights brighten. then once motion has stopped being detected in my hallway and my front door is closed the Watch activity is switched back on, which unpauses the TV, dims the lights etc… It works really well for me…

Thinking more about this I could possibly use the Broadlink RM Pro instead to send a Pause / Unpause command to the sky box via virtual switch. This would negate the need to switch activities on the Harmony Hub… Hmm…!